Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today is one of those days where you wake up in the morning and wonder where the last 31 years of your life went. Hell, where did the last year of my  life go? Looking through a few pictures made me realize just how much this one year has brought me...

1. A sick little pup who needed surgery and a multitude of amazing friends and strangers who opened up their hearts and wallets to ensure he was given the best medical attention that saved his life -and ours.

2. On the same day my acceptance letter to Bank Street College -where I'll be getting my Master's in Elementary Ed and Literacy- as well as my graduation from John Jay -where I'd been working on my Master's in Criminal Justice- arrived in the mail!!  A girl can never have too many fancy pieces of paper; they're like shoes really...

3. Parties.PARTIES.PARTIES!  We had Bob's benefit and Coty's Birthday the same day at the shop. Tonya made Coty an amazing cake -which he wouldn't let anyone eat-, Bob was checking out all the babes at the party, Kerrie and most of the guests were wearing Bob's "no more stones" T-shirt and having too much g'damn fun. Bob had to be put to bed early because another pooch showed up at HIS party and he jumped off a 4 foot ledge to let him know wassss up. 

Hey dudes, how do you feel about Bob's stones?!

4. Far too many wrestling matches in the living room. Bob never says "Uncle."

5. Coty trying out new fashion ideas. Why do you think all those hipsters are wearing belly shirts now?

6. Coty's shop turning 1!!! 
 oooh and Bob working Security. 

7. Getting invited to so many gorgeous weddings of so many wonderful friends!!

...and  being able to see my bearded beast look devilishly dapper.  

I mean who accessorizes like this?

Things get weird at weddings, love affairs happen and sometimes you have to just go with it.
8. Amazing friendships. I have the most wonderfully intelligent, witty, naughty, and beautiful girlfriends who make me feel so lucky to be apart of their lives. 

Emily's Bridal shower started as a pretty night filled with candle light, vegan goodies, flowers, sexy lingerie, toys, laughs, champagne, and  tequila shotSSSS...which resulted in 7 ladies in a strip club where Miss Jen taught me what the term "make it rain" meant, Emily (the bride) was taken in the back room and given a personal lap dance, and I asked one young dancer if I could pay her to teach me the booty clap. 

9. Love letters

9. Family Graduation Parties! 

a few shots later and some great times with my family brought me to the ground, where I fell off my chair with this little ditty on my face.

Brother...telling me to drink more. I think.


Bowling with the family...trying to make sure that Chaidi isn't in the picture. She's too cute, she makes the rest of us look bad. 

They get those guns from their aunt Brandy. obviously.

Kiss this tofu knuckle sandwich!

10. The most amazing spa day with my best friend. Sara, words could never explain how important you are to me.

 The years may go by quick, but the days are long and I'm so thankful to have my days filled with all the love from the most amazing friends and family... near and far. 


Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Peeyana

I haven't always been one of those people that said they wanted to do something and just never did it. In fact, I feel I've been the opposite. I thought New York sounded like an enchanting place, never been, only seen pictures and didn't know anyone there...yeah, I'll move there at 18. So, here I am at the ripe age of 30 and after nearly 20 years of saying "I want to learn to play piano" I'm still yet to do so.

After shopping around online and at various music stores I found that I didn't like the feel of keyboards and even a used piano was out of my price, I continued to sulk. Every now and again I'd tell the Beast how much I wish I had a piano, he'd tell me to buy a keyboard, I'd refuse, and the sulking would continue. This vicious cycle went on for the better part of 2 years. THEN -like a Christmas miracle- the Beast forwarded me this post from Craig's List Tuesday morning :

(note Bob in the corner of the screen, I always have a picture up of him to keep me company...don't judge me)

I about peed my pants.

I messaged the guy right away and told him we would take it. I didn't know the condition, but for free, I figured if I spent a few hundred dollars to get it tuned and repaired, it was far less than what I'd pay in buy and moving a used one. I called up the Bearded Housemates and asked them if I could use their brawn. They obliged with a corresponding text  that read, "FUCK YEAH" & "Awesome I would love to have a Pianee in the house." <-- Either Jacob doesn't know how to spell or he's really funny. So.... we borrowed a friend's van, put Bob in the back seat and got the party started.

I will say, those Bearded Housemates don't just look the tough part. Those dudes are legit. After one intense U shaped flight of stairs, they finally got her onto the street.

We stopped for a chance to pose for the camera, (Chuck has obviously done modeling before)

 and to see what she's working with...

Then, we got her home. FINALLY.

Now, I can't sleep thinking about all the things I want to learn, where to put her in the house, and how to make her pretty.  Here are a few thoughts...


Side note: Thank you sweet Beast! I always knew that little black heart of yours was kind, but I never knew it could be this thoughtful. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Momma (Cue Tupac)

Dear Momma:

 You're that person I call when I get a bad hair cut,  because only you can understand why I'm crying and only you can understand what I'm saying beneath my sobs.  Being upset for me isn't enough, calling the salon wasn't either, deciding that you couldn't do much from 3,000 miles away made you do the next best thing - phone a boyfriend. Telling said boyfriend to "handle the situation," which roughly translates into "kick that hair dresser's a*s!" is your way of saying "no one messes with momma bear's cubs" and for that I  admire and love you. 

When I don't get the job, get into the perfect school, or when life is just  kicking me in the face, you remind me.  You remind me that when one doors closes you look for the window and if there's no window you get out your own saw and make a goddamn window for yourself. You do not give up and you most certainly don't lose faith, not in yourself. You have always told me, "you can have one day to have a pity party, so  make it a good one; cry and get good and angry 'cause that's the only day you have for this...tomorrow is another day."

When I had my first heart break at the tender age of 27, you were angry and cursing  just as I was, you were also crying in heart ache right along side me. You let me cry in outrage and entertain the idea of driving from New York to North Carolina to confront the muther trucker. Then, you wiped away my tears and showed me that I was better and worth more than that and finally after 5 hours on the phone, you talked me out of it (thank god!).

I am stronger, kinder and an overall better woman because I have you as a mother. I  am self assured, strong in my convictions, and career oriented because you told me -as you were working 3 jobs as a single mother- "there is one person that will take care of you your whole life through, no matter what...and that person is you." 

Above all, you have always accepted me for who I am. You may not understand why I've chosen to be a professional student, decided against marriage, or waited this long to have children (if I ever do)...but you have been my biggest cheerleader. You may not have ever known what you were rooting for, but as long as I decided to do it, you were in.

Momma, I love you more than you will ever know. In fact, I love you more than your chili verde enchiladas...and we both know that's a whole hell of a  lot.

      Happy 21st Birthday!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full of Suprises

Who knew I'd be this happy at 30...

Living in a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 bearded housemates in Brooklyn (5 if you count the pups), in my last semester of grad school for Criminology, only to begin an entirely new career path and consequently a  new graduate program next fall to become an Elementary Teacher and Reading Specialist...who would have thought my love for clothes and thrift stores as a teenager would manifest once I got my own place, into an intense love for decorating, sidewalk hunting, and all things Free-fitty-FREE...most surprisingly, who knew I would meet that kind-eyed kid who sat behind me in math class sophomore year of high school in New York 12 years later, only to fall head over feet for him...who knew life would be this beautiful and kind? With no money, no 401k, no house of my own, no children, and no husband,  this is definitely not where I thought I'd be at 30, but it is exactly where I want to be. 

So here we are, living this little Brooklyn life, where I study my days away, Coty runs his screen printing shop, and poor Bob just tries to stay awake for it all.  I'm so excited to share this with you, and even more excited to see what else is in store...